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Interview with Mayassah Alsader

I live in the diaspora like many Iraqis. Each city that I made into an abode draws a map in my memory. The maps collectively construct my “homeland.” My ‘Round City’ series is inspired by the 8th century layout of Baghdad. The city was built in a circle with buildings and gardens revolving around the centre, occupied by the palace. … The first piece, entitled ‘Land of Black,’ carries a name given to my home country of Iraq because it was so lush with greenery that it would appear black from a distance. I know that years of war have turned much of the country into ash and ruins, but by working on this painting I felt as though I was excavating the city. … Be it Baghdad, Beirut, or any other city rising from turmoil, I dream of reconstructing their built environment and hope that through my art work I contribute to the healing process of their inhabitants. – Mayassah Alsader Mayassah Alsader is an Iraqi British Architect, Landscape Architect and painter. She holds an MA in History of Landscape Architecture from University of Texas at Austin and a BA in Architecture. Mayassah is interested in cities and their sociopolitical environments and dedicates her […]

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Painting peace and love over the smoke of war

Saba Jallas is a Yemeni artist most known for her work transforming images of smoke from airstrikes and bombings into images of hope. Other drawings show people in traditional clothes in peaceful settings, and destroyed schools that have been repaired. Characterised by featuring positive images of women and children, she seeks to display her ‘absolute optimism’ despite living through war and suffering the loss of her brother, and to save herself from ‘negative feelings and overwhelming thoughts.’ Jallas was inspired by Palestinian artists – Tawfik Gebreel, Bushra Shanan, Belal Khaled who turned pictures of bombings in Gaza into messages of resistance. She says: ‘For the world, I want to tell them that Yemen doesn’t need weapons. We need peace. Look at the human catastrophes. When we lifted our weapons and threw out beauty and art, this was the result.’ We will be exhibiting and selling a stunning piece, pictured below, by Saba Jallas at Art the Arms Fair 2019. We share a message from her below – in the original Arabic and translated into English. أنا سبأ جلاس يمنية عمري ٣٤ عام أرسم للحب والسلام والأمل رسمت على دخان الحرب في بلدي رسائل سلام وحب ولاقت أعمالي استحسان الكثير في أنحاء العالم ومنذ عامين تقريباً […]

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